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Hello, I'm Louis

A Trusted Coach and Advisor to Leaders and Teams!

Helping people discover and live out their strengths and potential has always been my passion and purpose. iMorphos is an extension of this work, to bring you closer to realising your potential through our A.I. powered psychometrics and learning systems. Integrated with our ecosystem of coaches with expertise that span the whole spectrum of life, career, studies, romance, family, leadership and team dynamics, there is always a coach whom you can turn to in this journey of life.

Discover your strengths through

PEAKS Psychometrics!

Based on advanced psychometric research and analysis tested amongst leaders in corporate, academic and community sectors globally, your PEAKS Profiles allow for an objective, reliable and valid assessment of the DNA of human personality that is developed for application within all aspects of life.

The PEAKS profiling technology compresses the vast scholarship of advanced psychometric disciplines and channels this knowledge into specialised domains of Leadership, Career development, Learning, Sales, Entrepreneurship, Management, Team & Partnerships, Individual Development Plans, 360 degree feedback, culture maps, etc.


Signup PEAKS Profiling to discover your personality strength and potential. Our coaches will guide you in this discovery journey.
Our online learning courses provide pathways of your personal growth. Our life coaches will help you grow to your excellence.
Join us in learning and growing to become a life coach for nurturing abundant lives and empowering others to their excellence.

PEAKS profiling has helped me to rediscover myself. I never knew I had such potential! PEAKS also helped me clear my doubts about who I am and gave me more confidence to be the best version of myself.

Small in build, but sharp in his insights. Coach Louis certainly packs a punch in challenging people to reach greater heights!

PEAKS has been instrumental in helping me choose what subjects to study and what career to work towards. Without PEAKS I would have been very lost for a long long time.